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Louise is a multi-media artist whose works include acrylics, watercolour, coloured pencil, pastel, printmaking and collage. She has been an active artist since childhood, on the executive for the Burlington Fine Arts Association as a teenager and studied at Ontario College of Art. After college, as a self-employed artist, she worked in etching, serigraphy, illustration, graphic design and sign painting. Her primary focus since 2000 has been on fine art projects.

Louise taught art voluntarily for ten years at her daughters' elementary school and has taught all ages in regularly scheduled classes and workshops at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke, since 2002. She has also taught at the Koffler Centre and continues to teach private and semi-private classes. Louise is a member of the Colour and Form Society, a member of and facilitator for the Milkweed Collective and wrote for and co-edited “The Milkweed Newsroom”, a quarterly newsletter. She was also a contributing writer for “Artists in the Park”, NPCC's quarterly newsletter. She has overseen the design and production of several large works of art by NPCC Youth, one for permanent installation at NPCC and one for St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto.

She has participated in many exhibitions; solo, juried, collective and invitational, has won several awards and curated a collective exhibition for the Milkweed Collective. Her work is in collections across Canada, United States, England and Turkey.

In addition to teaching classes at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Louise also teaches semi-private and private classes at her own studio. To enquire about semi-private or private classes at Louise's studio, email her at louisedzych at gmail.com or fill out the contact form here.